Don’t Miss The Chance to Catch your Dream Flat !

On website, the flat looked fantastic from the outside, and was in the catchment area for a brilliant school for my eldest son. I was really keen to view it…I’d been combing the listings for weeks, and I wanted to be first in line when the right place came up.

Of course, when the perfect flat did come up, we were up in Scotland visiting my folks, and weren’t due back in London for another week or so. If I knew this one was a good one, then so would others, and I really didn’t want to miss the boat.

I toyed with the idea of flying to London, getting a taxi to the property, then flying back the same day if possible. I mean, this flat had a garden. My kids would be able to ride their bikes and I’d be able to catch some sun! I really didn’t want to miss out, but the cost and hassle of getting to and from London was prohibitive, no matter how perfect it seemed.

Before I had children, I was pretty relaxed about my surroundings. As long as it was clean, dry and there was somewhere to chill white wine, I was sorted. Post-children, everything gets a bit more complicated. Things like having enough space to fit a pushchair start to matter. And needing a bathtub instead of just a shower.

Anyway, so like I said, I couldn’t afford to be complacent about having found The One. Incredibly, using Eyeballit meant that I could actually view the flat from a remote bit of the Scottish Borders. I was genuinely surprised by how ‘real’ it all seemed. It was a completely different experience to just viewing photos on the agent’s website.

It’s a completely painless, straightforward experience, and I can’t imagine not using Eyeballit’s service again — even if I was only across the city from the property I wanted to view. Moving house with children can be pretty stressful. It makes absolute sense to me to make it easier wherever you can!