The Best Way To Blog?

I’ve been a blogger, on and off, for several years. I’ve tried a number of popular platforms, and settled on Wordpress.

However, I like the Medium format, and how it emphasizes readers rather than simply just hits. I feel this leads to more possible interaction and commenting.

Now I’m not sure which way to go. I have blogs on my own domains which is good for personal branding of course.

I see a number of ways I could go.

  • Post on my personal blog, and link to Medium. Downside is the extra clickcould discourage people from clicking through to my blog from Medium.
  • Post on my blog, and copy the content in full to Medium. Is there any point in that though?
  • Give up my own blog, and just use Medium. Then I’m left with one or more ‘ dead’ blogs sitting on my domains.

I’m not, at this stage, sure of which method is best. At least on my own blog, I have more control of the content, whereas Medium could close down, and I could lose my posts.

I think more reading of what others have done is in order.

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