As a white male, it would be arrogant of me to say that I fully understand every word of this…
Frank Boulton

Thank you for your comment.

I’m not sure that your statement is quite true. That white English speakers have a hard time learning other languages because of a certain sense of entitlement. It is true that English is a universally spoken language (almost anywhere one may go will have at least someone who speaks English) therefore creating a disincentive to learning other languages.

A course given by the University of London explains very well the difficulties faced native English speakers. English itself is a very opaque language. As a conglomeration of other languages it is plagued by unclear syntax and rules. This hurts native English speakers who wish to learn a new language. They don’t have the experience to learn a structural language. In fact, this is held up statically. People who speak a structurally sound language have an easier time learning new ones than those who only speak English.

The problem is with the structure of the English language, not the moral structure of those who speak it.