The PEOTUS is a Master

A word cloud from one part of the PEOTUS press conference.

Today I looked at the transcript of Mr. T’s recent press conference. He is the most amazing master of vague. This man has a tremendous flair for using very many superfluous adjectives and is astonishing at using a lot of superlatives. And he’s very, very, very good — the greatest — at repetition.

In the transcript, he is going 66 times and gonna 20 more, making that 80 times he demonstrated how forward looking he is.

Very appears 77 times in the transcript, 15 times together as twins and once as triplets. One sentence of 38 words uses very four times (twice as doubles). The same adjective makes up 10% of the content of the sentence!

Today he didn’t use a lot a lot as he usually does — only about 20 times — and he moderated his use of amazing, terrific, tremendous and fantastic. Was he feeling a little less fantastic today?

Oh, did I say that he excels at saying nothing?

So, we’ve been very, very much involved, and other things. We had Jack Ma, we had so many incredible people coming here. There are no — they’re going to do tremendous things — tremendous things in this country. And they’re very excited.

We’re going to have a very, very elegant day. The 20th is going to be something that will be very, very special; very beautiful. And I think we’re going to have massive crowds because we have a movement.

As a former English teacher, I have to wonder what his school essay exams might have looked like. I give him a D on his lexicon which lacks fluency, so important in problem solving and communicating with others on a precedential level.