True Information, How To Find It?

We live on information. We have names, definitions and questions which shape our world. The question is “If I want to know/live a true life?”, no misleading, energy wasting moments for at least decades in life. Questions, in the centre of everything, to be answered correctly.

Humans usually have the capability of putting effort on answering the question above in puberty. The understanding of what parents knew could be wrong is fabulous. Rumours and lies become more disgusting as they present no use for the question. The need of correct information is natural and can never be ignored.

Words can actually mean different things. Labeling process of mind can miss vital details and discovering these is serious. Names of objects, words for abstract conditions form a larger and more complex network than thought.

Limits are not clear as thought. Limits of you cannot be determined by another human. What people call as facts may not be facts. What “everyone” does in your neighbourhood or ehem what few billion people do does not mean to be either correct or must. You observe, you take, and you decide what is something and what is not.

Sources and Harmony: Two crucial points

Information is carried, protected, memorised and converted. Information cannot come from nowhere so follow its roots. What is the source which put some available pieces together forming something meaningful. How can you be so sure that the source put pieces correctly and didn’t mistake anything? What if he had other intentions than true, like desires which are temporary?

Trust for the source is vital and it should not be easy. Knowing things without referencing how learnt is not reliable. The source has to prove itself that did not mistake nor had the right sources for himself. When you mother tells your name is Ameen, you trust her as a source because of many sacrifices she did for you. But there is still some suspicion that your name may not be Ameen

As sources are eliminated the next guest is information itself. It has to prove himself that it does not contradict with basic truth like nature. Harmony is essential of information and may not be clear as eliminating sources. Feelings or amazement without relying much can be involved and possible pieces next to the information are guessed. The web is enlarged and contradictions are searched. Other information from the same source are done the same and a last look will be had for the biggest picture of enlarged webs of informations. If an awesome harmony is observed, congrats, crazy possibility rates of truth is reached.

If not search for other information and sources for true ones.

Patience and intelligence, adequate tools for the search

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