The 3/5ths Compromise
Ben Steenhuisen

so, prodota and other teams should be allowed entry into NA, SA open qualis? seems unfortunate from an SA fan’s perspective (SA gets love so everyone can take their spots? ;_;), but the current rules are strange as you point out.

I think you brought up a great point on South Africa (or middle east?). Of course, I’m not sure they are good enough, but the middle east with miracle, w33, gh and so on make ripples as we speak. Expanding there might bear fruit. Not to mention Australia. I would be excited. I wonder, however, where the teams would compete after the open qualis. Would they have to move to EU or have their own spot at TI? maybe a few more steps, like making a LAN qualifier for TI/majors, are needed before exciting stuff like this can happen, or maybe they wouldn’t mind competing with massive lagg, but that kinda defeats the purpose of the region’s open qualis lol

If I’m making glaring errors, then it’s because I’m a complete noob, thx for reading.

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