How to find fulfillment, a reflection on Isaiah 51

Isaiah 51:1
 …. Look to the rock from which you were hewn ….

We live in an era where people are searching. Searching for pleasure and fulfillment, for comfort and ease, for meaning and purpose, for power and notoriety.

As Christians, we have been influenced by this sentiment. We spiritualize our quest, believing the best about our intentions. Yet so often, our aim is no different than the world around us. We want to be thought well of by our neighbor. We want accolades for the good we do. We expect a worldly return on our investment in our “righteousness.”

But God tells us through the prophet Isaiah that those who pursue true righteousness, those who seek the Lord must “look to the rock from which they were hewn.”

When we apply this Old Testament truth as New Testament believers, we see that we must look to Jesus not only as our guide and example, but as our one true righteousness. Jesus is the rock from which we were hewn and he is the quarry from which we were dug.

There is no righteousness, peace, love, or meaning outside of him.

A prayer for today:

Lord, help me to see in myself the ways in which I look for fulfillment apart from you. Remind me that if I am to seek you, I must look to Jesus to truly find you. Show me the false idols I run to and give me a desire to turn my heart toward you for answers. Remind me of your perfect love as I move through my day. Amen.