October 12th, Wednesday.

Three years is a long time…

Anyone you speak to that has passed the age of thirty loves to tell you how quick it all flies by. My dad just turned fifty-four yesterday and all he could wonder is where all the time went.

Three years, 15% of the time I have been here, and for my dad that’s closer to about 6%.

In the past three years so much has changed. I started working on my album, got into college, met my music manager, went to my first wedding, got a place in the city, started my first ‘real’ job, experienced my first family death and met Nycol.

All of these things are so monumental to me as a person and vital to my growth, but they didn’t happen overnight. Every single one of these moments developed over time. Stemming from things like a small interaction with a friend spurring my love for music, or a long drawn out process that was a culmination of years of work, eventually getting me into college. In the short amount of time I have been here, I have learned that the best things take time.

However, time is a luxury that we supposedly don’t have.

So every waking moment should be planned out carefully and stressed over, right? Well, that’s how I have been viewing it lately, spending every moment trying to make sure I live up to my potential, making sure I don’t let anyone down, planning out routines, ensuring I don’t spend my entire day just hanging around and simply trying to be cool.

But planning world domination is a lot of work and I feel like I’ve been burning at both ends.

These past three years have been filled with a disgustingly intoxicating amount of stress. This has been very helpful for me because under stress I tend to work myself very hard and at my best. I have done more with the past three years than I have done in my other sixteen and a half years here, but these are just the positives of stress.

Stress is something that unintentionally affects everyone around you.

For me that has been my family, my friends and my girlfriend. Mainly my girlfriend. You don’t realize how it’s affecting you which in turn affects others. You are so bogged down by the completion of the goal, that the importance of everything else seems to be weighed down with a heavy magnet.

No matter how strong you are and how hard you push there are forces beyond your control weighing down on you.

This hasn’t made for the most ideal relationship setting; however Nycol has been through every day of my past three years as if they were her own. It’s her nature to assume any responsibility and stress of mine and take it on herself. I’ve pleaded with her not to and to focus on herself, but still everyday Nycol is right there to bear that heavy burden with me. Three years of constant support, adoration and love I have received from my girlfriend and truthfully, as much as I hate to admit it, without her I would not be where I am today.

These past three years have been the most life changing for me and looking back I feel I spent my time the best way that I could and with the best people I could. I’m lucky to have had friends find me, rather than having to spend crucial time finding them. Every single person I have ever met has played a part in my outcome, but Nycol is my biggest fan, critic, test dummy and white board. She is quite possibly the most crucial part to my success and without her I would be lost.

I thank her everyday for being in my life and today marks three years, that’s 1096 days, of pure joy, love and tons of stress.

I love you Nycol. Happy three year anniversary.


P.S. Foreva eva.