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We have been discussing the pros and cons of different work configurations, full office remote working, part remote part in office, and everyone returns to the office as before. (Noting the fact that we have all experienced a new dynamic and after a unique experience no one is the same as before. It’s something that we so often forget.) Every century work changes and new changes are coming; let’s embrace the opportunity for a unique situation.

Our team is small, and our experience going from office to the home, conference room to zoom, was decisive, swift, and increased productivity. …

For the past ten years, the finance community; from the market, to startups, to founders, and investors, there has been a central focus on gargantuan growth.

However, there has been little attention spent on ideas like self-sustainability or traditional business objects, like managing your cash flow.

It is not just a time of sustainability, but loss. Financial loss, yes, but also in many other very tragic ways. Many experts are advising to view this period as part of the journey, and every generation has its version of a crisis to manage — still, that doesn’t make it any easier.


It almost goes without saying, if you are a would-be startup, a successful pitch to a venture capital firm requires a well-planned, compelling pitch deck. However, in order to secure investment and successfully get your enterprise off the ground, you’re going to need more than just the initial pitch deck, however impressive it may be.

For your potential venture capital investors, however, focusing all of your attention on creating a superlative pitch deck without having much to back it up can be both frustrating and off-putting. As I often think to myself when I’m going into one of these presentations…

An ecosystem is a complex network of organisms working together in a physical environment. For an ecosystem to start and sprout you need a seed. From that seed comes a tree, and from that tree comes many other elements.

The Turkish venture capital and angel ecosystem started in 2010. The founders here at 212 helped to plant some of the very first of the funding seeds. In Turkey, that ecosystem began with the first angel group, where Ali and Numan were among the founding members. The Turkish technology investment landscape evolved dramatically for the next 9 years.

212 has been…

From right: Gulnur Anlas of Logo, Ilkay Duzgun of iyzico, and Ezabel Nihmet of 212

With the start of the New Year came a new fund; and with the start of a new fund came new 212 traditions. As of March 28th we started what we hope to be the first of many 212 Meetups covering a variety of topics related to tech, startups, business, design and anything that tickles our fancy.

As the CFO of this fine establishment I decided to take the horse by the reins and get this party rolling with a more serious and hefty topic…that of the finance director or CFO’s role in a startup. I want to give the…


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