I wass numbed and beat,

For a period, I couldnt feel or see a thing, I was sensless, beat senseless. I thought somebody would care but they were all money hungry and jealous.

They are prejudice, I cant spell because they are racists. They hit me. I cant live because I am left out, and live up to their expectations because of the bruises left behind.

They dont like my white beat face. Its too crooked, and so are my teeth, they werent okay with me getting justice for being raped and beat as a child. THEY ACT AS IF THEY ARE IGNORANT. THEY MANIPULATE PEOPLE TO THINK HIGHLY OF THEM AFTER NEGELCTING ME. BECAUSE THEY CAN AFFORD TOO. I am coming to your face.

I cant stand the fact that they all are in such a good place but choose to make it a bad one for somebody else, or choose to violate themselves to tell themselves and I its not that bad, and to move on. Because they dont beleive in my rights, they are still ignorant no matter what they out on themselves, they arent left with nothing like I am.

Okay im angry.

Sorry peepz