I am not finished,

There is work to be done, a piece mind in the making, a future that I will fight for.

I am disgraced, I will be loved in the name of my rights.

I will find better challenges and complete them all. life is an obstacle, not a competition. There is no one in the way of what I am, I just have to make me stronger, people are jealous, they make people incapable, I just have to make them weaker.

I just have to find what they can’t and be what I can, and defeat the mean purpose.

You are not the champiom of my life, the race hasn’t finished, & theirs no end to dislike, and aggression, but theirs a begining to love, and chance of opportunity.

I am poor and unfortunate, mutilaited. Theirs no reward for that,

Why am i broken for you to be proud? I am your only purpose, the only reason your trapped in your lies and depression, because you not only yourself but others.

Im the one suffering from the impact, not you, so dont bother taking my problems out on me when I share them with you.

I don’t want this to end, because I havent claimed my victory. I am not better, I am worsening.