Why Menstrual Leave Is Not The Solution
Menstrual Matters

Wow, this is pretty simplistic thinking. First of all, I completely disagree that having leave somehow makes people less likely to seek a doctor. If you don’t have leave when are you going to go see a doctor? I have gone to see my doctor multiple times about my severe period pain and there are no answers for me (I’ve been checked for endo etc). I resent this argument because it is false.

As for “oh but it will get us more discriminated against” — well, LOL. Whether we have specific provisions for menstrual leave or not we are being discriminated against for having periods. People hiring are already calculating that we will take more days off than our male colleagues (whether it is true or not) regardless of any law or standard allowing for period leave.

I do think the solution is ensuring everyone has access to sick leave and anti-discrimination laws which make it clear people with menstrual pain can take sick leave for it.

But let’s not kid ourselves there is HUGE stigma in the workplace around taking sick leave for period pain currently, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. So it’s not like I am going to experience LESS discrimination by not having specific period leave. So I am not against it.

If you’re a woman who doesn’t need time off for period pain, that’s nice. But arguing against provisions that would help those of us who do for your own perceived benefit is pretty awful.

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