As a person, one thing that I have always wanted is doing what I actually have passion for. This is true because it gives me a feeling of inner joy. But sometimes life does not offer us all we want without a good fight and believe that what we wanted is achievable. My passion for programming grew stronger after I was introduced to Software development in the university. I believed it’s a field area where the power of the mind rules and ideas are goldmine. After graduation, I set down my goal and decided to pursue it. All I wanted is to be a professional software developer. Chasing this dream is indeed not easy because programming is not actually easy.

After my youth service, I got hired but the job did not align fully to my dream of what I want out of life and where I would want to be in the next five years of my life. I quit the job in pursuit of happiness — my dream of being a professional software developer.

I heard about Andela from a friend who happens to be an Andela fellow now. I had applied to Andela a couple of times but was only invited for interview after my fourth application attempt. I scaled through the interview stage and felt like I am really embracing the future I had wanted for myself. First week of Bootcamp at Andela was indeed stressful but still bearable. I was overjoyed when the invite email hit my in-box that I made it into week two. After the second week of Bootcamp, I actually knew what I would be getting as regards if I made it into the fellowship or not. It eventually turned out that I did not make it into the fellowship. This failure actually hit me hard because I have always succeeded in all I set out to achieve.

I never gave up. I picked up my pieces and moved on still believing that my dream of being a software developer can still be achieved. I enrolled with freecodecamp to improve my problem solving ability and programming skill. Achieving my dream was the ultimate thing but at the same time, I was under pressure. I don’t feel comfortable staying at home again.

It all got started over again when I received an invite email for Andela 21 level up program. I felt privileged and believed once again that my dream is achievable. I decided to give it my best shot from onset.

Andela 21 program was indeed a great learning experience and at the same time very stressful. On our first day to the program, we were given project to work on which would be submitted and defended in three weeks’ time. At first, I could not figure out how I would solve the problem. I believed that I can achieve the task without thinking about HOW I WOULD ACHIEVE THAT. I started off learning how to work with new tools needed to implement the project.

I worked on building an API to create inverted index and search the created index. I used tools like Babel, Gulp, Travis, Coveralls, and Elinter in my project. This was my first time of using such tools in a project. Setting up a working environment was a bit challenging but collaborating with other peers in the program actually helped me a lot in clearing my blocker.

I decided to give in my best to the program; I broke down the problem into manageable sizes and handled them.

There were much challenges but I decided to stay strong till the end. I had good colleagues and we collaborated very well. I also had a supportive facilitator as my learning facilitator. She is always ready to attend to my questions and encouraged me quite well.

In three weeks, I was able to build a functional API hosted on heroku. I felt happy seeing myself succeeding at the end. I got invited to the next stage, the second week of Bootcamp.

It means nothing to me if I have failed a couple of times. I have come to realize that success does not have linear curve but rather the path to success is always rough. I am more resolute in achieving my goal and living out my dream. I am a programmer for life.