Things I learned when I decided to put every single sticker I could find in my room on my laptop.

Dima K.
Dima K.
Aug 14, 2015 · 3 min read
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After a hackathon, you are always left with a lot of swag.

Shirts, bags, and, of course stickers.

So many stickers.

So of course, the most logical thing to do, is to put them all to use.

All of them.

Here are the lessons I have learned when torturing my poor laptop with all these stickers.

Google stickers have strong adhesive.

Like, good luck getting those guys off. There’s an upside down SQL sticker somewhere in that mess and it’s never going to get fixed.

I’m pretty sure some of these aren’t even hackathon stickers.

Where did I even get these?

Big red stickers are boring.

Come on man, don’t monopolize my laptop lid.

“Transparent” stickers are the coolest.

Check them out, they’re really neat.

I have a lot of HackingEDU stickers.

Too many, in fact.


Where did I even get so many?

I hope I didn’t take all the stickers or something. Stickers are meant for sharing.

Still, so many stickers.

Like, damn.


I had a big pile of stickers, and now I don’t. Please look forward to the next installment when I try to peel all of these off.

Also, shout-outs to HHCdT and HackingEDU.

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