Hiker Story Homework

A teacher from Jefferson High School was hospitalized in Knoxville after being found with a broke leg on the Appalachian Trail last week, four days after going missing.

Will Henderson, 39, was hiking in Tennessee when he was found by two hikers last week, four days after breaking his leg near Gregory Bald. “Those guys are going to get mentioned in my will,” Henderson said.

Henderson is an experienced hiker who has been hiking for nearly 30 years, and had been on the trail for 10 days before the accident. He also holds membership in the National Hiking Association. He is currently at Generically Named Hospital, where he is resting.

Henderson was walking off the trail in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park when he broke his leg crossing a stream. After crawling for four days, he made it back to the main Appalachian Trail, where he was found.

After breaking his leg, Henderson constructed a makeshift splint, and began crawling to the main trail, pushing his bag in front of himself. By the time he reached the trail, he had had to abandon everything but his food, and pictures of his wife and two daughters. “I looked at [those pictures] a lot, especially when I got discouraged,” Henderson said.

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