What Makes A Great HipHop Artist?

What makes a great hiphop artist in today’s industry..? You’ve most likely seen hundreds upon thousands of artists on the come up, but to what degree?? Is it that the air up there is too hard to breathe? Is it that most artists fail to learn the concepts of becoming great? Or is that they fall between the brackets of trying to keep up with the mainstream based on desires of mediocrity? Let me put a rest to some of those questions by answering that in this blog.

Off top, most artists will say that storytelling, subject matter, substantial topics, delivery, punchlines, lyrics, & pure talent will get them noticed to be world renown. In most cases this is very true, but since technology has changed the declining dynamics of success, everyone in the whole world is now able to stand ground & build a foundation upon having a fan base & build a music career. It’s extremely tough to market your music into a bigger fan base with a limited financial marketing & promotional budget, so you have to reach for higher strengths based at your level of process. One of the most surest ways guaranteed to become great is to think of LONGEVITY!!

For example let’s focus briefly on J.Cole.. J.Cole has successfully pioneered his music career from the ground up. Having only a dollar & a dream he went from being broke & unable to pay rent towards being one of the first rappers ever to go platinum in over 25 years without any features off of his recent album “Forest Hills Drive” (Read Here) J. Cole & many others of this caliber leaves a story (Leagacy) behind for people who want to identify with & understand that it is possible, even for you too.

Think of longevity like a success seed you’ve just planted. You’re consistently watering, nurturing, & performing every task necessary that it takes based on the fundamental principles you’ve cultivated through the years (Connecting the dots). In order to be great at anything in life is to form in your mind that you can do it, set out the intentions necessary to achieve it, & to be patient with your action steps & to be self disciplined. Take time to understand where you are & where you’re going. Focus on the legacy of your journey.

Stay focused on the next task

Be happy, but never become fully satisfied or completely fulfilled with any of your recent accomplishments.. Celebrate the progress & study how far you’ve came. Continue to give the fans value and let them know that you’ve worked hard on yourself for them in the entire process of building your career. Essentially the music itself in turn will ultimately live longer than you as an artist & the fans of many will never forget that.