The potential influence of telematics on marketing efforts

Study finds: unsafe or reckless driving can negatively affect a company’s image.

It is something many business owner’s don’t really pay attention to: the way your drivers act on the road directly reflects the way people perceive your company. In many cases with unwanted drawbacks: according to a study initiated by TomTom Telematics, one in two Germans do not like to interact with companies whose drivers drive unsafe or reckless. Naturally, this is somethings companies would like to avoid since it can outweigh their marketing efforts. The driving style of a company’s drivers therefore not only has implications for the respective company’s fleet management but also for a company’s marketing.

Telematics solve the problem

Telematics is widely used to improve fleet management but can also improve driving an therefore positively impact marketing. With the use of telematics one can ensure that a company’s image as considerable is not only a mere marketing catch word but rather a factual statement. This holistic approach guarantees that a company’s respective markting strategy is not undermined by individuals and makes sure that the company is perceived by the customers as desired. Do not take this matter lightly and gamble away your chances of acquiring potential customers.

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Source:, TomTom Telematics