5 Websites Converting Emails 5X More Than You

Perhaps one of the most love/hate relationships you have with your site. You want visitors to willingly give you their email address without annoying them or turning them off from your site, but it isn’t that easy. Or is it?

Like any marketing tactic, there are risks and rewards. Email conversions are one of the most valuable assets for any business, but the risk of losing potential customers tends to drive marketers away from pop-up email forms. However, the companies listed below have found ways to lower the risk involved with pop-up email forms by utilizing keyword research, linguistics, and customer behavior research.


What ShoeMoney excels at is creating a sense of community. The phrase “Join over 350,000 students” not only invites the visitor into a popular group, but it creates a fear of missing out. IF 350,000 students have already signed up, it must be worth it, right?

Elegant Themes

Looking at the pictures, you wouldn’t find anything special about Elegant Theme’s pop-up email form. If you take a visit to their website, you’ll see that the clip art character holding a balloon is actually an animation that moves up and down. While this may not seem like much, this mechanic draws the user’s focus to a specific area on the screen and can lead to a higher engagement rate.

Eternal Weekend

Eternal Weekend is taking advantage of a new and popular email marketing tactic; gamification. By applying the interactive game mechanics we see in many popular mobile apps, they are able to tap into a psychological aspect of the user that will leave them with a fun and memorable experience they won’t soon forget. Many sites using this method have shown increased conversion rates. If you’re a store owner on Shopify, you’ll want to check out the Gamified Email Collection (Wheel Pop Up) app.


Blogging.org has tapped into one of the most marketable feelings we have as humans; a sense of urgency. The countdown timer gives the visitor little time to make a decision, or at least it seems that way. While the different information and bullet points on the pop-up may be relevant, the countdown is the main focus. It’s leading visitors to make a decision purely on impulse, which is turning to high conversion rates for Blogging.org.

Nerd Fitness

Staying true to your brand can yield substantial rewards, and Nerd Fitness is proof of that. From their choice of words, to the nice graphic in the background, this pop-up screams ‘nerd’, which is exactly what Nerd Fitness wants. They’re capturing the attention and interest of visitors within seconds of visiting their site.

What works best for my site?

Rewards (What can you offer the visitor in return for their email?)

Language (What type of language works best when communicating with your audience?)

Purpose (Why are you collecting emails? Be honest with visitors about your intentions.)

Need (Do you NEED to convert emails for your business? Hint: YES!)

Originally published at f13works.com on February 16, 2017.