The world of gaming, which is ripe with inconsistencies that have been plaguing both the buyers and the publishers, is undergoing a sea change. With the Epic-Apple battle about Fortnite still looming large, it becomes imperative for us to be aware of the implications that befall us. This is where the October Beta Launch from FiPME is important. Why? Find out in this blogpost.

Gaming Universe: a World Full of Fun — and New Opportunities

The current challenges that the gaming industry faces are caused by the lack of a coherent ecosystem. …

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We live in a crazy world. Where everything shifts digital and everything is possible all in a sudden. Would you expect Formula 1 drivers to stream daily on twitch? McLaren Lando Norris does it. Ferraris LeClerc is killing it. The NBA goes digital and conferences do as well: At we are building the future of virtual item trading — for professional traders because there is simply no Nasdaq of gaming yet. But also as an alternative to twitch for gamers to capitalize on their skillset and time…

No company has tackled this issue yet: We all love twitch but only the big 5 percent make good money, the rest has a tough time. Now what if we invent a system where you don’t have to be an entertainer and stream 10 hours a day but you can just play the game of your choice and trade the item: #CallofDuty, #Warzonee, Fortnite Gameplay, World of Warcraft, World of Tanks or a mobile game like Clash of Clans or Awakening of Heroes — doesn’t matter, we cover them all. …

Lately, we’ve been writing a lot about the gaming industry and its prospects as well as about our own exchange and its role in the space. But what we haven’t done so far is tell you who we are! And since our supporters are from different parts of the world and we can’t meet each of them in person, we believe we need to make up for the lack of human connection and bring in more personal touch in our publications.

That’s why today, we will lead you behind the scenes of what’s happening at FiPME and share with you the first part of an interview with our Founders, Boris and Stefan. In this part, they’ll tell you how FiPME was conceived and who stands behind it as well as why they believe in its success. Enjoy reading and let us know if you have more questions: we can answer them in the next part of the interview!

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