Social Media Platforms

My three favorite social media platforms are Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. The best platform for me is Twitter because it is easy to use so it is not complicated like other social media platforms. I also like it because I follow poet people so I spent my time to read what they wrote and the reason behind that is because I like to read poem from Twitter only. Another thing about it is, I can know different types of human problems that happened around the world through the trend or from others retweets so that make me feel that I’m close to them and know more about them.

The second platform for me is Instagram. The reason that makes me like Instagram is to know what is the new on fashion and what is the new on designs. Another reason is to, watch the videos and photos of my favorite program. Another thing is I like it about Instagram is showing me other’s experiences of their traveling to new countries and there are many famous Arab travelers who transfer what are the new countries they visit and they give their advice for people who think to travel to that country.

The last platform is Snapchat. What I like about this it is showing me where my friends go without me! Also, it shows me what famous people do in their real life. This platform teaches me many things from different people in different fields and most of them are out of my country because I want to know how other are thinking.

To be honest, before more than 3 years I made a Facebook account, just to discover it and know how it works. But what I found it is very complicated for me as beginner user! Another thing is the design and how things are organized there is hard to understand so I think for these reasons most people don’t like to use it.