See how Schools are Getting Involved in the Election Challenge! predictions are coming in from around the country.

Before the 2nd Presidential Debate, here’s who they were voting for: (Remember, votes can be different than predictions #electoralcollege)

Below are a few of how whole schools are using it to engage all students in learning more about the election system, local candidates, voting rights, federalism, and democracy:

  • North Lakes Academy Charter School students in Minnesota are getting a crash course about polling, using state and third-party polls, before diving into polling their classmates and filling our their Election Challenge maps.
  • Elizabethtown Area High School students in Pennsylvania are experiencing a “Mock Election,” complete with campaign ads and voter registration, to help students understand the election process and voter turnout rates as they complete their Election Challenge maps.
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  • Students at Corning-Painted Post High School in New York are making predictions during their library study hall times, then diving into learning about their maps more with teachers and students via their individual history classes.

There are lots of ways to get your whole school involved in the Election Challenge! Which works best for you?

If you want to see and monitor student maps, add the Election Challenge to a FANgeopolitics or FANpolitics league (even if you’re not playing one of those) so that student maps are organized into one of your leagues. This is another benefit of being a paid subscriber!

If you don’t need to see and monitor student maps (but just want everyone to fill them out as you use it to teach better), direct all students to the red button at the top of to fill out a map on their own for free.

Your friends and family can also make predictions and compete for civic competence with us at! Students will click a checkbox indicating they’re a student, entering them into our giant student contest to compete for classroom curriculum and cash prizes.

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