Alexander Bublik Season 2023 Drop

4 min readJan 3, 2023

Let’s take a look at Alexander Bublik’s drop. In this post you will find info on Alexander Bublik, the valuation method, ownership offered, token overview, prize money scenarios and fan perks.

Alexander Bublik

About Alexander Bublik

At 25 years of age, Bublik has been on the rise and has steadily improved his prize money earnings from 700k (2019) to 1.25M (2022). He is the current World №37 who began his professional career in 2016. Bublik has played in 7 tour-level finals, winning his first title in Montpelier after a marvelous victory over Alexander Zverev in the championship match. An aggressive and unique player, Bublik has been ranked as high as World №30, posting wins over the likes of Andy Murray, Alexander Zverev, Casper Ruud, Matteo Berrettini, and other top players. Bublik’s next goal will be to crack the top 20 with a strong start to the season in Australia!

Prize money development and scenarios

Valuation method

The expected prize money and thus the price of the tokens for Alexander Bublik’s drop are determined based on the prior season earnings, i.e. the accumulated total prize money won during the last completed season, i.e. season 2022. For more information on how the expected prize money is calculated, also check our Medium article.

Prior season earnings (2022) = $1,252,209 (depicted as $1.25M)

Total ownership offered on FANtium

Alexander will offer a total of 10% ownership of his expected 2023 season prize money on the platform in the form of tokens.

Total ownership offered on FANtium = $125,200 (rounded down to hundreds)

Token overview

The prize money ownership offered, will be split across 3 tiers, Bronze, Silver and Gold, with a total of 764 tokens. The breakdown of tokens and mint price per token will be

  • Bronze token: $99 * 659 = $65,241
  • Silver token: $499 * 100 = $49,900
  • Gold token: $1,999 * 5= $9,995

Total = $125,136 (difference to $125,200 of $64 as this is less than the price of 1 token)

This forms the basis to determine the ownership of total season 2023 prize money per token:

  • Bronze token: $99 / $1.25M = 0.00791% ownership per token
  • Silver token: $499 / $1.25M = 0.03985% ownership per token
  • Gold token: $1,999 / $1.25M = 0.15964% ownership per token

Prize money scenarios

The share per token depends on the total prize money Alexander will earn next season. Payouts of this share will be available to be claimed quarterly (more info on this will be shared in the upcoming weeks).

Above is a depiction of different exemplary prize money scenarios depending on how Alex’ earnings will develop in the next season.

Please note, the scenarios are exemplary only and do not have any meaning in relation to what we expect his minimum earnings to be for the 2023 season. Also, this is for information purposes only and does not represent financial advice. Sums might not always precisely add up to the total depicted due to rounding.

FAN perks

In addition to the prize money participation, each tier offers unique benefits to holders.

Token overview

Visual: like sports cards you may have used to collect, the token visual represents a collectible.

FAN benefits: benefits can be available instantly or become available throughout the season.

  • 📨 Access to private collectors channel for all holders
  • 📼 Exclusive insights video from Alex for all Silver and Gold holders
  • ⭐️ VIP access to a Grand Slam tournament* for Gold holders

*Please note, that this Gold FAN perk is only available to the initial buyer.
The benefit will become available throughout the season, but can only be redeemed once by the initial buyer. Even if the token is sold and purchased on a secondary marketplace, the initial buyer will solely be entitled to claim this perk.

For any questions, visit our FAQ which is constantly updated with new information on everything in relation to the platform.

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