Announcing FANtium™

Hi FANs,

We are thrilled to introduce FANtium!

FANtium empowers athletes to own their success by enabling FANs to invest in their careers.

One of the most significant factors of success for many young athletes is access to money. Sports, including tennis, golf, racing and even esports, are expensive to compete in, and while top athletes can earn hundreds of millions annually, many struggle financially early in their careers. Sponsorships are hard to get in the beginning, and without financial backing, athletes struggle to do what they love.

An athlete’s talent and hard work should make the difference, not money. That’s why we are building FANtium.

FANs are devoted to the sports and athletes they follow. With FANtium, they can take their fandom to the next level by investing in their favorite professional and up-and-coming athletes, becoming part of their journey. FANs rise as their athletes rise.

How It Works?

Athletes use FANtium to tokenize a share of their future earnings and offer it to their FANs. Early in their careers, they can raise the money they need to make it to the top and build a community to support them along the way.

FANs buy a share of the athlete’s future earnings as an NFT, and in turn get to participate in the athlete’s real-world earnings. They can choose to invest for a specific season or an athlete’s entire career. It’s not all about money though, FANs become part of the athlete’s inner community, unlocking unique perks and experiences, connecting them to their athletes like never before.

Two NFT Journeys exist. FANtium enables athletes to launch Season NFTs and Career NFTs.

  • Season NFTs are launched by professional athletes already earning prize money. They can use the upfront proceeds to make valuable investments in their career, like hiring a fitness coach. Season NFTs entitle the holders to participate in the athlete’s next season’s earnings (typically prize money).
  • Career NFTs are launched by young up-and-coming athletes who need the capital to kickstart their career, and make it to the top! They are not earning enough money to cover their costs, like travel and tournament admissions. Career NFT holders will participate in the athlete’s earnings throughout their career, including when they make it pro!
Athlete NFTs

Why NFTs?

We fundamentally believe in the power of the technology behind NFTs, and the power this technology has to democratize sports.

By using NFTs, athletes can tokenize their prize money and make it investable for FANs all over the world. Each ownership token is stored on the Ethereum blockchain and can quickly and easily be transferred to somebody else.

FANtium was born in a bear market, and has learned many lessons from the NFT projects that came before it. We look forward to delivering on our promises, and are excited to showcase the next phase of NFTs.

“We are focused on the technology and utility, so that we can bring real value to our community.” Jonathan Ludwig — Founder & CEO

Jonathan Ludwig — Founder & CEO

Our vision

We enable everyone to own their success.

For athletes, access to money will no longer make the difference. Instead, hard work and perseverance will define your career.

Our Vision

For FANs, invest in the athletes you believe in to participate in their success. With FANtium, you are part of the inner circle, and are closer to your favorite athletes than ever before.

Photo by Wade Austin Ellis on Unsplash

Athletes and FANs will form new bonds, and we can’t wait to see this happen!

FANtium is launching in Q4/2022, and the first athletes will be offering a share of their earnings from their next season through the platform. Apply for early access through our waitlist here.

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