Felix Mischker Talent Drop — $52k raised from 170 sports FANs in a couple of days

After Dominic Thiem and Alexander Bublik, Felix is the first talent to launch on the platform, with many promising talents to come.

Felix Mischker Drop

Felix Mischker, an upcoming tennis talent from the UK, raised $52k from 170 sports fans in a couple of days on FANtium. Invested FANs are now part of Team Felix, to support him along his journey.

Felix earned his first ATP point least season and is targeting a top 100 professional career in both singles and doubles. He also boasts one of Youtube’s biggest tennis-influencer accounts, Tennis Brothers, with more than 215,000 subscribers across social media platforms. He has created a strong connection with a worldwide audience that follows his journey to become a professional tennis athlete.

Tennis Brothers YouTube Channel

Fans that are now part of Team Felix will participate in his success on and off the court, with revenue generated from his YouTube channel and prize money for the next 5–10 years. On top, fans can participate in exclusive experiences, like a yearly live end-of-season call and Q&A session or get a limited edition launch t-shirt and personalized message. 25 Gold token holders will have the chance to train with him in a ‘tennis clinic’ this summer, receive a signed tennis racket together with a unique video message that explains the key moments the racket was used and get tickets for one of his future challenger tournaments.

The funds from the drop will go towards his team, he recently enlisted a pro team consisting of his tennis coach, a S&C coach and a world class physio.

Felix Mischker

“With the money that I have raised,” says Felix, “I am going to invest in my team, to stay injury-free, to improve my tennis to the highest level possible and compete in tournaments around the world to achieve my goal of competing on the ATP tour in the days to come.”

“We are excited to have Felix as our first talent on the platform. With his YouTube channel Tennis Brothers, Felix already has a strong communit. This is a unique opportunity for his fans to become part of Felix’s journey and participate in his success on the court in terms of prize money earnings, but also the growth of the fastest growing tennis channel on YouTube”, says Jonathan Ludwig, Founder and CEO of FANtium.

After recovering from a surgery, Felix is competing in the first tournament of the season in Greece this week.

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