Reward Points Program

What is the Reward Points Program?

This is a customer points program for users of particular eligible stores/shops on the Goodbox App. The stores offer these points to its customers as a reward for buying from them directly.

Who is eligible for this?

This is available to customers of select eligible stores using the Goodbox Android App.

How many merchants are on the Reward Points Program?

Currently, this program is available for select merchants in Bangalore and newer merchants get added to this program everyday.

What are the benefits of being a Reward Points Program member?

Customers are rewarded with points on every purchase they make through eligible stores and can redeem them on their next purchases with their these stores.

How do I win Reward Points?

When you make an online purchase through eligible stores, you automatically get these Reward Points. These points keep accumulating with your purchases.

Please update the app to automatically get enrolled.

What is the validity period of my points?

The accrued points in the year are valid till 31st December of the calendar year. The points accrued in 2016 are valid till 31st December, 2016.

Is there a membership fee for this program?

No. This program is available free of cost.

Can I use my Reward Points from a merchant for purchases with another merchant?

No. Right now, the points you earn from purchases with a particular merchant can be redeemed on subsequent purchases with that merchant only.

How do I check my points?

Your redeemable points can be seen on the payments page. Every time you do a purchase through an eligible merchant, your current points will show up as a message.

Can I couple my points with other coupon codes and discounts?

Yes. Points can be redeemed along with other coupons and discount offers.

Can I earn or redeem Reward Points in offline purchases?

No. The points may be redeemed and earned only through online purchases on the Goodbox app right now. We will soon enable it for offline (in-store / phone orders) purchases as well.

Can I split my purchase expenses between redeemable points and CoD?

No. Payments towards purchases made cannot be split between Points and CoD. However, you can split it between Points and other online modes of payment (eg.- Points and Credit / Debit Cards / Net Banking).

What happens if my transaction is refunded?

In case of refunds, the Reward Points shall be refunded back into your wallet.

How can I contact you?

You can chat with our support team on the Goodbox chat for any queries related to the Rewards Point. You can also, mail us at :)

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