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What is GB Rewards Program? This is a loyalty program for all customers on Goodbox. It helps merchants reach out to their most valuable customers directly and increase their business revenue.

For example, if a customer makes a purchase from me for Rs 100, 20 Reward Points are accredited to him.

So, for a future purchase, he can redeem the 20 points for a discount of Rs 2 on his next purchase.

This is explained in the below.

Purchased Amount- INR 100

Points Accrued -20

Discount Available -INR 2

Discount available on next purchase- INR 2

Who is eligible for this? This program is offered to all customers on the Goodbox application.

How many merchants are on the Rewards Program? Currently, this program is available for select merchants in Bangalore. Any merchant who wants to be part of the program can contact the Goodbox team.

What are the benefits of being a GB rewards program member? Merchants can engage their most valuable customers and increase their repeat orders and revenues generated.

How are my customers’ GB reward points accrued and redeemed ? These can be defined by the merchant as per their convenience. You may choose to opt for a flat % on transaction value, or a particular number of points allotted for transactions exceeding a order value.

Eg.- Reward Points = 20% of order value in points( 20 points on purchase of INR 100 i,e. 2 Rs that can be redeemed by the user during his subsequent purchases)


200 Reward points on all purchases above INR 1000.

What is the validity period of the reward points? The accrued points are valid till 31st December of the calendar year. The points accrued in 2016 are valid till 31st December, 2016.

Is there a membership fee for this program? No, this program is available free of cost to all GB merchants and offers them a premium program to engage their customer base.

Can customers use the reward points earned with me on transactions with other vendors? No. The points accrued from purchases with a particular merchant can be redeemed on subsequent purchases with the merchant only. Thus, your customers can redeem points accrued on transactions with you only on the next purchases they make with you.

Can my customers redeem the points along with other coupons? Yes. Points can be redeemed coupled with any number of coupons and discount offers. However, the points can be earned only on the actual amount paid by the user.

Can customers earn or redeem GB Reward points in offline purchases?No. The points may be redeemed and earned only through online purchases on the GB app.

What happens if a transaction is refunded? In case of refunds, the reward points shall be returned back into the customer wallet.

I want to be a part of this program. How can I contact you? You may contact Ambati @ 9483510067. You may also give us a ring at 08045133500 or contact Goodbox Support.

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