FARM (Food And Resource Matrix) agriculture on Blockchain now. With the rise of Blockchain and cryptocurrency we are yet to see many developments in future. Every single day we are witnessing ICOs and new cryptocurrency coming. But very often a cryptocurrency is backed by a vision except money. But with this new FARM token which is to be launched in market, we are seeing a strong vision. A vision to change the agriculture sector. A vision to modernise agriculture. A vision to integrate agriculture with blockchain.

FARM is the first blockchain based agriculture project in India. FARM (Food And Resource Matrix) will integrate Agriculture with Blockchain technology enabling it for a multidimensional growth in future. FARM will rejuvenate agriculture sector as most profitable commercial business. FARM will root out major problems Agriculture Sector is facing today by induction of various efficient farming models and technology.

Agriculture is backbone of many countries and serve a major role in their economy as it provides us basic necessities such as food, fiber, clothing, shelter, fuel, medicine and raw materials for manufacturing of various products. As per an estimated data by World Bank, market value of Agriculture is $3.177 Trillion in which India ranks 2nd with a market value of $353.62 Billion. Agriculture added to 3.791 % of world’s GDP and 17.4 % of India’s GDP in the year 2015, Contribution of Agriculture in world’s GDP and in many countries has reduced to a large extent in past 50 to 60 years, while population has multiplied indicating increase in demand of production of crops and food products.

FARM has managed to lease more than 250 Acres of land in North and North East part of India for its Agriculture practice till now, we are eyeing on thousands of acres of land in different part of India divided regionally to establish our working model of price stability, we have also contacted owners of various ranches outside India for leasing. FARM will use modern technology and new concepts in its farming practice.

Modern Technology access for FARM

FARM is developing a decentralised app for payments of agriculture produce on blockchain which is a part of our price stability concept, app will also include various centralised and distributed services to provide best services possible to consumers and producers.

FARM intends to change the concept of traditional agriculture and farming practices to run it as a business through Blockchain Technology, in the mean course our business model will be used to establish near Price Stability concept by inducing Value Chain production model of crops in farming and combined production. We will be bringing transparency in the Agriculture sector and organise it.

FARM will be raised as an organisation of reliable source of information, solution providing guide, a blockchain based business development firm, a training and service sector institution, a leading community of advanced farmers, and an agriculture market influencer. FARM will consist of many blockchain based sister organisations which will help our community grow.

The pre-ICO of farm waves based token is live from 25 Dec 2017 and will go till 25 Jan 2018. You can find more information and download our whitepaper at , You can also drop us a mail at

On Waves Platform our Presale token is named as FARM and it’s asset Id is G5e4Mb8ENRC8Gxturngx1d356TVx3uRfewVu32huLdZC and it is limited to 51,000,000 in numbers.

Price of Waves based tokens will be set in tiers between $0.3-$0.4 on Waves Decentralised Exchange against BTC, ETH and WAVES pair during Presale period, price in ICO after presale will be 30–70% higher during crowd sale.

Presale of tokens on Waves platform is live and will end on 25 January 2018

Crowdsale will start on 7th February 2018 and will end on 22nd March 2018, countdown timer and smart contract address will be displayed on website.

Actual crowdsale will take place on Ethereum platform and Waves based tokens will be swapped1:1 for ERC-20 compliance tokens after end of crowdsale.

Don’t miss this opportunity and invest in the future of Agriculture and most profitable cryptocurrency of 2018, FARM.