How to write amazing Instagram captions when your mind is blank.

When I see your Instagram feed I build my own ideas about what kind of person you are. However, reading your captions gives me the true insight into your personality — which is in a way the whole point of social media…

Captions are a great way to identify with your audience, connect on a deeper level and build a strong bond.

Having said that, I know from experience how hard it can be to come up with interesting and intriguing Instagram captions.

That’s why I’ve got a few ideas for you here.
Let me know which one is your favourite, stop by and say hi on @fashion_artista — I’ll be waiting!


Quotes can be so effective in describing your state of mind in a very neat and clever way.
Great sources for quotes are: Pinterest, Brainyquote, Goodreads, Quotery

“Happiness is not the absence of problems, it’s the ability to deal with them.” ― Steve Maraboli

2. Song Lyrics

Share lyrics from your favourite songs. Song lyrics are an unbeatable tool when it comes to verbalising our mood.
What are your favourite songs? My taste in music has made a 180° turn in the last year… I’ve shifted away from the mainstream into the deepest forest of beautiful and raw music.

3. State The Obvious

Sometimes, we overcomplicate things. Try to just describe the image and point out what intrigues you about it. Here is a great example by @shamoftheperfect.

4. Tell A Story

I love seeing Instagram captions in which people just describe their honest feelings. 99% of social media is pretty staged, so it feels like a breeze of fresh air when people say what they really think from time to time.

5. Be Cheeky and Inventive

I love @bleachfilm and some of their cheeky captions. The account owner is an absolute mastermind when it comes to getting engagement from his followers. Check this out — the captions below are just great.

6. Call to Action

Try to close as many captions as possible with a “call to action” to your followers. Ask them to talk about their day or ask for an opinion on a particular subject.

7. Ask a Question

You can ask your followers random questions about their lives. How fun would it be to find out about their experiences, right?! If you treat your followers like your friends, you’ll never run out of captions to write and questions to ask. Here are a few examples:

8. Use Emojis

Emojis have this great ability of expressing the feelings much clearer than words do.

9. Instagram Challenges

I love Instagram Challenges. It makes people break out from their patterns and open up in an amazing way. Also, they encourage a feeling of community, because you need to tag a friend who also has to complete the challenge and start a chain reaction.

A few ideas for Instagram Challenges are:

5 Things you didn’t know about me #5thingsyoudontknowaboutme
5 Places I want to visit #5placesIwanttovisit
My 3 crazy habits #my3crazyhabits


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