The Latest Internet Gold Rush is for Real. And It Isn’t a Venture-Backed Startup
Greg Mercer

Absolutely compelling, and by that I mean anyone who reads this will be from that point, compelled to find out more.. and when they do, it will peak their interest as well. The only question is a matter of exposure.. will they see it?Personally, I hope they do.. but not everyone today! Gradually would be nice. My opinion is that the amazon third party opportunity is going to be getting quite competitive and the barrier to entry is getting higher and higher. I realize that was certainly no Nostradamus level glimpse of the future.. The POINT that I am making is that for most, TIME COULD VERY WELL BE RUNNING OUT. If a seller does not have access to Very Good Tools { JUNGLE SCOUT IS NEAR THE TOP } if a seller does not have an absolute arsenal, their chances to succeed will be almost nil. I’ve said all I’m going to say about it.

I have said it before. I was the first to say it…. and I will say it again ~

Greg is not a guru.. he passed this level of understanding ( amazon ) long ago.

Greg Mercer is a Luminary, in time - history will reflect and confirm this.

John Tighe

FBA Research