When The Best of The Best Get Better!

In a small town about an hour north of Atlanta, six of the nation’s top 2016 quarterbacks participated in a rare ‘tour de force’ of elite high school coaching and talent — the inaugural ‘QB Flight School’. Hosted by rising QB guru Quincy Avery, it was publicized as “graduate level training” for some of the highest profile high school junior quarterbacks.

Quincy and his team of coaches took them through college level drills, as well as built in some good old fashioned fun as well. Those attending included Austin Kendall, David Moore, Jacob Eason, Jawon Pass, Seth Green, and Shea Patterson.

Here are some thoughts culled from a few sources:

  • Major kudos to Quincy for being able to pull this off. Outside of the Elite 11 finals, I’m not sure who could have brought together this level of talent for a private event. It seemed to be just the right number of QB’s (6) to keep the personalization high and the overall concentration of talent at a very top level. For most of the event, there were three or four coaches focused on the six high school quarterbacks. I don’t think there’s any question that this starts the process of propelling Quincy into the most elite echelon of national QB coaches — along with guys like George Whitfield and Steve Clarkson. It’s going to be great to see how this event evolves over the years. It would also be great to somehow get this same group of quarterbacks together again every year — as they go off to major colleges and beyond!
  • Although this wasn’t a competition, over the course of the weekend it was easy to see the strengths and weaknesses of the various QB’s. All told, this was a ridiculously talented group of very elite quarterbacks. Each one will lead big time FBS colleges and be playing at the highest level. I’d be surprised if we don’t see some of these guys in the NFL one day. That said, (if one wanted to nitpick) as to be expected among mere high schoolers, some QB’s excelled in some areas, but were less polished in others. Our sources thought that Shea Patterson was a bit better than the bunch throughout the weekend. He was always smooth, had great feet, precise and efficient mechanics, and always seemed to throw a nice ball. He had great mobility with impeccable footwork. Ole Miss is getting a really great talent!
  • With Shea, in the top 3 for the weekend, was Seth Green and David Moore. Seth presents a really strong overall package. He’s got good size/weight and seems to command a solid QB skillset. While Seth seems to have something of a hitch at the back end of his throwing motion, the ball comes out with solid speed and good accuracy. He will fit nicely with Oregon and the PAC 12.
  • David Moore seems to be coming out of nowhere this spring to take the college recruiting scene by storm. He’s had a couple of high school moves (most recently from TX to GA) that seem to have gotten in the way of his playing time, but he’s been ‘bringing it’ all spring — putting in top performances at the US Army Combine in San Antonio as well as multiple Elite 11 regionals. He was definitely the most ‘under the radar’ performer at QB Flight School but more than showed that he belonged. He may be a tad undersized at 6’2” 180, but has a big arm, with the ball usually leaping off his hand. He’s got one of the smoothest, most compact and consistent releases we’ve seen, fleet feet, and the ability to throw accurate darts on the run. We hear he has 15 offers, among them Illinois, Wake Forest, Oregon State, Houston, and Colorado St. Something tells us his recruitment is just beginning though as his performance this spring proves he’s truly one of the best in the nation. It’ll be interesting to see over the next few months how his ratings and offers scramble to catch up to his ability.
  • The big guys excelled in spots but showed areas for improvement as well. The nation’s number one recruit, and quarterback, 5 star Jacob Eason showed off an enormous gun! He’s a big kid at a solid 6’5” and seemed to show almost superhuman length with the ball — throwing it about 70 yards at times. Despite all the hype around him, he presents himself as a solid, nice kid who’s grounded and friendly. Our source saw the UGA commit spend a bit of valuable time with a young high school receiver who was clearly in over his head trying to catch the bullets coming from the elite QB’s. Jacob did seem to struggle in drills that required movement and in particular throwing on the run. Those exercises revealed areas for improvement, as opportunities to leisurely drop back and take the time for receivers to run underneath a 70 yard bomb are far and few between in the SEC.
  • Similarly, Jawon Pass demonstrated enormous potential. At about 6’4”, and with real straight line speed, Jawon has a lot of tools. At times though, his actual quarterbacking skills showed opportunity for growth. As with Jacob, Jawon wasn’t at his best in the drills that required dexterity and accuracy on the run. At times, he threw absolutely beautiful balls. Other times, his mechanics broke down and his accuracy suffered. All in all though, the upside is almost unlimited with Jawon. He seems eminently coachable, to be a great athlete, and will, no doubt, impress at the next level.
  • The facilities at LakePoint Sporting Community were awesome. This is a relatively new sports mecca being carved out of nothing in the lakes region about an hour north of Atlanta. Our sources overheard conversations about the future vision of this 2,000+ acre site and with world class sports facilities, hotels, restaurants etc. this looks to be the start of something really special.

Opportunities for growth for the event? Overall, this was a superb weekend that seems to have surpassed everyone’s expectations. The first QB Flight School earns a solid 5 star rating! That said, if anything, maybe there are a few things that could be worked on for next year.

  • Although there were some very capable receivers there, perhaps the overall quality of the receiving core could have been better. Certainly the success of this years’ event will make it much easier to attract some of the nation’s best receivers in the future. Who knows, with all of the wonderful facilities at LakePoint, perhaps the adjoining field could accommodate a similar elite receivers camp. Together that would create tremendous opportunities for obvious synergies.
  • I’m sure that Quincy et al will market future events in a way that generates significant sponsorship. I can’t imagine any sports marketing company that wouldn’t want to be a part of this. Any of the major sports footwear/apparel companies, Gatorade and/or PowerAde, as well as the host of other football brands would be perfect fits and allow Quincy to continue to splash top quality swag on the players! This year, it was a good touch for the event to be unaffiliated with any particular media site. Having a variety of media following the event seems a positive thing, particularly when spreading the word is all-important.

Again, overall, this was a 5 star event. We look forward to next year’s event with the best of 2017.

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