Here’s an old post from my days of ironman training in 2018, just two years ago, but with the pandemic and no cycling for almost two years, it feels longer. I had broken my collar bone twice in training, including just 10 weeks before Ironman Barcleona. Here’s how I trained back then and killed time on the turbo.

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Last week was the three-week countdown, with promises of storms, wind, rain etc. I opted for a long turbo session on Saturday. Here’s how that five hours went (and the rest of the week).

Saturday was set up as my last long big brick training day before starting the two-week taper for Ironman Barcelona. After a slow 4K in the pool (setting goals like 1K continuous, 100s but no break etc), I came home and with my nutrition bottles full, snacks in the bento box, and race gear on, I got myself ready for a day on the turbo. …


Fiona Bugler

Writer and editor, specialising in health, fitness, and wellbeing. Runner & Ironman triathlete. Publisher of the Zone mag,

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