Content Marketing in Action

Content Marketing in Action

I’m drawn to the energy of start ups — and always have been. It’s the heightened creativity, and flexibility — as well as the 0–60 approach. I’m a runner, I like the buzz of a start line.

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I describe myself as a small agency with big ideas and right now my agency mirrors one of my favourite clients. IAMRUNBOX is a clever, sassy, simple product designed for active people who need to keep their work clothes crease-free whilst they work out. Using dead time (commuting, lunch etc) to run or cycle means clever time-savers are essential. I don’t work in a traditional corporate environment but as a marathon runner and triathlete, I do run from place to place (literally) and if I can make a run or a bike ride part of a commute, I will — but that does mean I need something to carry my stuff and keep me smart.

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The IAMRUNBOX business-model works brilliantly for creatives. Kirill Noskov, founder and innovator has assembled a team of professionals and ambassadors who are based all over the world. The team work together online and talk on Skype — with meet-ups at London’s Hospital Club.

Traditional PR, social media & influencer marketing are all part of the content strategy. The product is set to be reviewed in Christmas product lists in print and online; influencers and ambassadors blog about the product and share social media; and the PR events double up as content machines, producing blogs, images and interviews!

A Kickstarter campaign also forms part of our Content Market Strategy, doubling up as a crowdfunding exercise and a way to share with consumers, in detail, everything they need to know about the product. Kickstarter is a unique platform for creatives allowing us to sell the product, market the product and reach out to consumers and trade customers.

As an IAMRUNBOX content marketing consultant I enjoy the freedom to work how I work best, free from the confines of checking in and out (giving me time to fit in long runs and bike rides, hot yoga and networking). There are no four walls to hold the team in. We are all driven by the energy we have to make our own and our client’s businesses grow. Whether content specialist, designer, distributor or influencer, we’re all doing what we love on a daily basis and we’re aligned to success driven by our individual passions, shared love of running — and of course, a fantastic product!

In just over two weeks the Kickstarter raised half the target funds and investment and interest is growing — expect to read reviews in the press and online over the coming months.

Originally published at on November 3, 2016.

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Writer and editor, specialising in health, fitness, and wellbeing. Runner & Ironman triathlete. Publisher of the Zone mag,

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