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Kane really wants to narrate his own success, but his anecdote has problems. He writes,

“Prior to my birth my parent’s contemplated an abortion as I came 11 years late after my middle brother, and my parent’s feared complications. On the way to the hospital for the abortion my father heard the story from a Priest on the story of Beethoven, and how despite being set back with deafness still went onto perform some of the greatest classical works in the history of the known universe. My father and mother turned around and went home, and I was born shortly after. My life began with a fight, with the world betting against me.”

Kane’s journey to success began when his parents chose not to abort him. So, he looks at Korea like he thinks about his parents. Thankfully, they chose not abort him. Now Kane would like Korea to choose to make his life easy enough here for him to make a lot of money. He clearly doesn’t understand the implications of his own memoir. But he’s like most people who try to see themselves as having pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps: he recognizes that his success is dependent on others but chooses to make it all about him.

This blog is racist, ahistorical, completely un-self-aware. Kane illustrates he lacks the ability to consider context.

Special Snowflake Expat Award. Lot of white expats like this in Korea, in Cambodia, in India, in nations all over Africa. One of many. too bad.

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