Trump is good for science.

I’ve been waiting a bit to write this piece, I didn’t want to show up and tell my opinion in this enormous sea of opinions, where everyone has something to say, and nobody seems to have the time to check whether whatever they say is true or not. And then we need Google to ban ads on websites that spread fake news, because our judgment is not mature enough. But this is another story.

I came to the decision to write because I finally read the sign I was hopefully waiting for. A *reaction*. This, in particular:

See? Now we — as scientists — finally understood that we cannot make politicians reason what we are the only ones to comprehend. We cannot just march, or show indignation on social media, or stop producing art because that man is a moron. Come on, seriously?? That’s the best you can do?

No, it’s not. The link above just shows that.

I have been saying that having Trump as president is a good thing. Because people need a damn’ strong incentive to start doing things! Unless you cut some privileges, you won’t see people fighting for good. Not the masses. Sometimes not even those few who can and should.

We want to win? So let’s get our hands dirty! You don’t build a house without digging into soil. And you need solid foundations for that house to resist.

Maybe good times create weak people, maybe we needed this shock to get out of our comfort zone. Now let’s stop whining and waiting for people who don’t care to do things that won’t happen alone.

I trust you. But you gotta move that ass.