What I learned from my first time as a trainer

I just ended what has been my first event as an official trainer. In the last two days, delegates from all over Europe and all kind of energy-related companies have reunited in Berlin to learn about microgrids and their possible use in the future energy grids.

And you know? I liked it!

When I was a trainee, I always felt a certain “distance” between me and the trainer, as if he/she was an unreachable source of knowledge. Then I opened my way to be part of the aforementioned training, and there I was: coaching professionals on novelties and setting informal discussions while going through the concepts.

I won’t make a list of the things I learned, but I want to follow me.

In order not to create that “distance” I talked about earlier, set your speech as a friendly talk, but with proper technical language. The opposite creates the risk for trainees to feel disengaged or — worse — intimidated and won’t participate fully in your talk. It’s a training, not a frontal lecture — and even in that case, what can that distance produce if not just people looking at their watch to check how long it’s going to take?

Proper technical language is mandatory for both reliability and quality of the speech itself: would you follow a trainer who talks like a storyteller?

Also, be confident: even if you made your way through to get that trainer spot, someone chose you and trusted you. It means you have done well (stop that “depends”!), hence make the most out of this opportunity!

And remember: as a trainer, you are still an educator. Be a model to follow.