Gold Relativism [Shopkeeper Investigation Agency], Shopkeeper Ms. Tong and Mr. Zhang Jian have a comprehensive analysis of the three aspects of FMex’s dividends, mining, and community autonomy.

Tong Yang: this week we have invited Mr. Zhang Jian here to talk about FMex. Mr. Zhang Jian, founder of FT ecology, owns…

FMex, the contract trading platform of FT Ecology, held its first online conference at 21:00 on June 5th. Zhang Jian, the founder of FCoin, answered the questions about contract business, income distribution, community governance and sustainable mining mechanism of FMex platform.

Zhang Jian said that FMex is a long-awaited strategic…

Purpose of The Mining

1. The essence of Mining is a long-term reward act to gradually present the ownership of the platform to traders.

2. In our opinion, the true value of a trading platform comes from the traders instead of the trading system, website, App-clients, or the creator, operator of early stage investors…

Dear community users:

May 24, 2019, will be the first online anniversary of FCoin which will be both a meaningful anniversary and an important node for the continuous improvement of platform construction and community governance. FCoin will hold the FT Public Chain & Ecological Strategy Presentation and Community Congress for The First Anniversary of FCoin in Hong Kong on the same day.

We will invite all qualified community partners (approved before May 24) to participate in the congress meeting and review the Work Report of the Community Committee Governance on the same day.

The detailed agenda and more information about the meeting will be informed separately.

FCoin Team

May 8, 2019

Dear community users:

According to FCoin Community Committee passed the proposal on establishing FCoin Community Partner System (Trial), the implementation details on FCoin Community Partner System (Trial) are listed as follows:

Implementation Background

The community partner system is another important system that empowers FT holders community governance rights, and a key step…

Dear community users:

According to FCoin Community Committee approved the proposal of Lockup Mining Rules, the implementation plan for FCoin lockup mining is now announced as follows:


Reward FT lockup users and encourage longterm holding of FT.

Lockup Mining rules:

1. Distribute 300,000 FT on a daily basis according…

Dear community users:

We have noticed that there are media reports on the investment of FT by Consensus Lab Blockchain Industry Alliance Fund. We hereby explain the following:

Consensus Lab Blockchain Industry Alliance Fund has recently increased its holdings of 100 million FT and is currently communicating with the…

Dear community users:

According to the “FCoin Community Committee passed the proposal of Limit-order Mining (Trial Run)”, the implementation plan on Limit-order Mining is now announced as follows:

FCoin will open the Limit-order Mining of the BTC/USDT trading pair at 0:00 (GMT+8) on April 7, 2019.

The daily rewards…

Dear community users:

DASH(Dash) will be online on FCoin Main Board B at 00:00,April 3, 2019 (GMT+8), and the DASH/USDT, DASH/BTC and DASH/ETH trading market will also open then.

The deposit and withdrawal functions of DASH have opened now;

The FT Return amount for DASH from Trading as Mining…


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