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Gold Relativism [Shopkeeper Investigation Agency], Shopkeeper Ms. Tong and Mr. Zhang Jian have a comprehensive analysis of the three aspects of FMex’s dividends, mining, and community autonomy.

Tong Yang: this week we have invited Mr. Zhang Jian here to talk about FMex. Mr. Zhang Jian, founder of FT ecology, owns the first community-based exchange FCoin, contract trading platform FMex and FT public chain.

Zhang Jian started to contact with digital currency in 2013 and founded http: // in 2014. After the website was acquired by huobi, zhang Jian entered huobi as CTO. In the second half year of 2016, Zhang Jian left huobi and found Bochen technology, a blockchain technology service provider. …

FMex, the contract trading platform of FT Ecology, held its first online conference at 21:00 on June 5th. Zhang Jian, the founder of FCoin, answered the questions about contract business, income distribution, community governance and sustainable mining mechanism of FMex platform.

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Zhang Jian said that FMex is a long-awaited strategic product of the FCoin development team. Its basic advantage is to build a contract exchange that truly belongs to the trader. …

Purpose of The Mining

1. The essence of Mining is a long-term reward act to gradually present the ownership of the platform to traders.

2. In our opinion, the true value of a trading platform comes from the traders instead of the trading system, website, App-clients, or the creator, operator of early stage investors of the platform…

3. The Launching of the sustainable mining is to practice the original intention of “Making the traders to be the true owner of the trading platform”.

Principle of mining

1. FCoin will ensure the stability of mining output through the control and adjustment of daily return, that’s why it is called “Sustainable Mining”. …

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