3 Simple Reasons Why A Man Should Never Get Married

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First of all: Nearly one half of all U.S. marriages fail.*

I know you think yours won’t. 
 Okay. Be optimistic.

But, according to the links to the stats, given below*, 40–45% of marriages end in divorce or annulment. The 2nd link below, which seems to slant itself in favor of marriage, says, “A young couple marrying for the first time today has a lifetime divorce risk of 40 percent, unless current trends change significantly.” So, there you go. Not a high chance of your marriage lasting, statistically.
 But here are some even more important reasons why you shouldn’t get married if you’re a man:
 Even if you are only married for a short time, your wife will most likely get half of everything, at the time of the divorce, whether she works or not, and if a child is involved you’ll be paying child support until the child is 18 years old and some judge who may be a woman, and possibly have an anti-man bias will decide how much child support and alimony you can “afford to pay”. 
 I’ll only say this about that:

Unless you make very good money, there is a fair chance that if you get divorced and you have a young child, you will end up sleeping on someone’s couch in a basement for years while you pay the child support and alimony some judge says you can afford. (I am not against a man paying child support, but often the judge forces the man to pay way more than the man can truly afford to pay.) I have known several men who this happened to, so this is not some kind of ridiculous scare tactic, it’s a real possibility.

That’s a lot of money and suffering to risk, just so you can please your parents, your girlfriend, and all those other people who think you “should” get married. 
 Just say NO.

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Another thing:
 At some point, even if you stay married — which we’ve already established is close to a 50/50 chance of failure — you will probably end up getting sick and/or tired of your wife sooner or later, in which case you may as well have gotten divorced, except for the financial factor. So you stay married “for the child” or “for the money”.

Kind of a sad way to live. No?

All the stuff you managed to overlook about your wife, when you were “In love” (infatuated), when everything was new, will someday start to bug the shit out of you. This is almost guaranteed to happen, because men are not meant to live monogamously, from what I have found in my own research and observations. 
 That is one big reason marriages fail. You simply get tired of each other. Even if you still care very much for each other, chances are that stuff she does will start to annoy and irritate you… especially when the sex stops.

Wha’ ?!

Yes, the sex will stop. Or let’s say it will slow down to a crawl at the very least. 
 First the oral sex will go. Out the window. Within the first year or two. Possibly in the first few months after marriage.
 Then all sex will slow down. Intercourse will even be taken off the table except for maybe once a month or so. If you’re lucky.

Oh, you think this won’t happen with your girlfriend. She likes giving oral sex, she loves making love! 
No, it will happen. It’s just a matter of time. Sometimes it happens in the first few months, other times it happens in the first few years. But it will almost surely happen after you have a baby!
Once you have a child, forget sex! It will go right out the window along with your drinking at strip clubs with your buddies! No time for sex, she’s had a hard day taking care of the kid. The kid is sick. The kid is grouchy. The kid this, the kid that… It’s all about the kid after you have one. You will be a distant second concern.

Even if she’s working, and the child is in daycare, she’ll still lose her sex drive after the child. And sex will stop or just become a chore that she does once in a great while to appease you but only if you push it. She’s no longer your wife first and foremost, now she’s a mom first and foremost. The kid will always come first in her life, now.

FACT: the majority of women are only interested in sex before they get married and/or have a child.

Once they have a child their hormones turn off or something goes haywire and they just aren’t interested in sex or you, any more. Until maybe when they want the next child… Or after you’re divorced and they get infatuated with some other sucker.

I speak from experience:
 Every guy I know who is married, hardly gets sex at all.

If you don’t believe me ask any married male friend you can trust to tell you the truth. And the longer you’re married the less you’ll get. In many, many cases, it just stops altogether after some years.

At some point, you just get tired of begging for it, and it’s boring to have it with her anyway, so you just give up and watch internet porn.

I know this is going to piss off a lot of women, but the truth is the truth. 
 The truth will set men free. And women obviously don’t want them free, they want the husbands to keep bringing home the bacon even after the “bait and switch” fraud has been discovered.
 Okay. So let’s summarize:

1. Your marriage stands nearly a 50% chance of ending in divorce. All stats point to that.

2. Divorce will be very, very bad for you financially — even more so if you have a child.

3. Marriage is bad for you sexually — that is sex will diminish and probably stop after awhile — especially if you have a child.

So it’s simple, really:
 Your marriage is probably going to end in divorce, sex will slow down or stop after marriage and children, so what is in it for you other than ending up living on a couch in someone’s basement or losing half of everything and having to play catch up?

Most guys I know are not happily married if it’s been at least a few years. If you’re lucky it might last 5 or 10 years but at some point, the chances are it’s going to end or you want it to end but won’t end it because of the financial loss due to the likelihood of losing half of everything you’re worked so hard for.

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Sound like a good deal for you?
 If so, and if you feel you’re going to be in the half of marriages that don’t fail, go ahead and get married! But don’t say I didn’t warn you, sucker!
 And remember this:
 Even if you don’t get divorced you’re going to get bored with her, you’re going to lust after other women all the time, and you’re going to get annoyed and irritated as hell by this woman after some years!

So just avoid a loss of happiness and money, and don’t get married. Ever. 
It’s just not worth it.

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