Ex-Presidents Say If Trump Wants To Play Tough Guy, They’re Ready
Allan Ishac

The Scheme: A:) > ( frauds and Violations ) Intents to Damages a Nation and or a person and gains benefits decided Money settlements, and intentional to Brought their own Nation by over spending to Bankrupted to distraction Judiciary and infrastructure to wreaking our Civil society none able to defence our ability from internal and international as in same time America putting out for sale and connect or in information for Hacking and to blames other parties. This is a versions of 21 Century Corruption conspiracy authorities . has current happen in my cases.

I can see corrupted authorities running this nation, injustice rulings blocking my VIOCE TO SPEAKING OF TRUES , and the media go along covered up violate free speech,

This America growing underground conspiracies Continues ? Tax payers and Citizen and whom devoted to he’s country’s are being Victimise by unsolved like my CASES, ask for helps from my gov the Republican tried to save my life from Barack H Obama Saying and Local Housing Authority, since 2012 Block all my legal rights Violated Constitutionals and freedom speech and Human Rights as well Judiciary set-fore behinds Door with out not trial allows rather true or not, to used Authority power ruling passages putting me a Guilty with out trial of legal stand or consulting to me by communicate even I DIDNOT KNOWINGNESS WHAT HAPPENS, USED HUMAN LIFE FOR MERCHANTS MAKING GAINS TO DECEIVING BENEFITS AND WILDLY SPREAD CORRUPTED BY SCHEMES SYSTEM MATIC OF SCANDALS AS IN A SAME TIMES INTENTS TO DEVALUE & OVER SPENDING TO BANKRUPTED GOVERNMENT SECTORS AND OTHER HAND TO GAINS FOR SPECIAL INTERESTS THEIRS GROUPS THIS IS A NEW I CALLED 21-first Bankrupt Warfare in a version of Corruption.


The as well apply to Wall Street … as you can see Started effects to our Judiciary Legal Violations Fraud authority and violation Constitutional and the Amendments to token over our values and Freedom liberties to Change SOCIALIST SYSTEM ITS VERY CRITICAL DANGEROUS, THIS IT HAS PROVING CURRENTLY NOW TO DAY.

Why President Trump and Congress and the Booth House those Conservatives try to Save America for Stand for to preserve Constitutional freedom liberties pro free Enterprises and Focus our infrastructure and persuaded Economic frontier, Mr Trump invited Chinese Leader Mr Xi for new vision for American to have better and much more Quality life’s for American, the is only way to preserving I am very confident President Trump it will doing well for U.S. CHINA ENJOINING WITH U.S. FOR BOOTHS COUNTRIES ACHIEVEMENT A SIGNIFICANTLY IN CHANGE A SOCIAL VALUES FOR MUTUALLY BENEFICIARIES AS WELL CAN INFLUENCE GLOBAL ECONOMIC TIES BETWEEN ( In any Country not to Cool War and conflicts, instead a new visible ideal social Economic transformation.


My continue to Complaint Legal Abuse the Legality turn me to deprivation of violation a human rights. Deceiving my personal ( me ) Forfeit properties , such like Business intellectual property Design Copyrights, includes Identities Theft impersonating, and engages deathly violent attacks against me. June 1. 2012 input electrical panel switching fuse to 60am x Stove 240 volts =14,000. Currents. Causing electrical. Stove burning exploded I was on cooking fire man arrived discovery excessive over am 60 as same time without Breaker. april 2012 Toxic Poison to damage my Liver I am end up San Francisco emergency room

Acting President B. H. Obama and my Local Housing Authority and Obama Sayings.

Authorities use large resources to firms plots , Sabotage to internet and even false evidence on public record to incrimination , Accursed on Court I making minor porn Materials, Drugs trafficking, Sex Offender, Stalking, Kidnapping , Adduction, Racketeering, Commercial Bribery and Kickback’s, PC Tampering, Breaking. To my secured. Computer uploading to posted on website illegal materials intentional to incriminating me and to damages to others. Use Sexual assault to accused a Offence expose on global each nation. intended caused in great harms Involving Public Officer’sand Violations of Federal Election Campaign such pig info much more in all those Judiciary & Obama saying disallowed me to stand on Court Blocked all my legal rights.

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