The corruption of modern academic medicine — How your doctor was bought
Dr. Jason Fung

Dr. Fung’s article is enlightening and not surprising to this reader. I’ve read numerous articles from medical professionals, journalists, etc. that have documented similar stories and investigations and research that Dr. Fung correspondingly cites.

At the same time and from personal experience, my wife must be on a mild statin. She has below normal triglycerides. Her LDL and HDL is also well within with the norm. She doesn’t have high blood pressure either. She does experience artrial fib on occasion. She has had one very minor stroke and two very minor heart attacks. Her dad had a history of cardiovascular issues. Her neurologist and cardiologist have recommended that she take a blood thinner and a mild statin. She ignored taking her meds on a consistent basis after the first stroke and heart attack and she subsequently had her second hear attack. Since her “come to Jesus” moment she restarted and on a consistent basis her regimen of a blood thinner and statin. To date, she has had no strokes or heart attacks or warnings.

Yes, this is anectodal. So what? It might contribute to the conversation.

I have quit taking my statin medications recently and substituted red yeast rice. I feel much, much better. My blood work came back within a satisfactory tolerance level. I have also had a TIA. I am allergic to statins, hence the reason I quit them.

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