Digital Update #1: 30 days of pure hard work.

Welcome to the first Digital Update. In this article, I intend to update you on the latest developments regarding French Digital Reserve (FDR) in the last 30 days. What has been done? It was a lot, so get ready for a mega update. I hope you enjoy the read!

What’s FDR?

In today’s globalized world, we have a major financial monopoly centered on banking institutions. The high cost of financial transactions, banking infrastructure, and the high inflation of certain currencies show several problems in the world of economics.

French Digital Reserve (FDR) emerges as a real solution to this situation. A non-government currency not instituted by a central bank will preserve assets in the event of economic crises.

FDR is a decentralized cryptocurrency designed to offer multiple financial services such as cash transfers, payments, savings, project audits and review as well as community votes.

Coin Specifications

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The FDR project is 100% open source, with PoS (Proof of Stake) mining, based on the PIVX (PIVX fork) with a maximum supply of about 24 million. Structured in a robust network with masternodes.

March: a busy month

March begins with testing for the POS LIST V2 and Web Staking Wallet platforms. As well as the start of coding works on the new Block to Gift platform.

What is “S Wallet” ?

A Staking Web Wallet, it will be at the heart of the ecosystem under construction, present on all our platforms in order to facilitate access to our services and those of our partners. Some of them have even become “crossplatform partners” and allow our community to use their FDR rewards directly on their platforms.

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What is POS LIST V2?

It’s a platform that allows you to gather information about the quality and performance of POS/Masternode projects. If you are a project leader, with only 3000 FDR you will have access to an exclusive discount list negotiated with our different partners to get more exposure.

Recently, the FDR team acquired POSLIST.ORG which was owned by Florent Kosmala. Currently in the rebranding phase, a new version of the platform will be presented before the end of the month, more complete than the previous version, it will be the starting point of the ecosystem under construction.

Listing fee: 3000 FDR


DEXTRO: Listing fees offered
MASTERNODE.BIZ: Listing fees offered on ALTMARKETS: 50% discount on
CRYPTOSHIB: 10% discount on
MNGUIDE.ONLINE: 20% discount on MNHOST.ONLINE: 20% discount on NODE.TRITTIUM: No listing fees and if project on small exchanges 1 week of hosting offered and big exchange 10 days offered on
MASTERNODECAP.COM: Get 50% discount on the listing fee if you pay with FDR on
MNSTATISTICS.ONLINE: 10% discount on

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What is Block to Gift?

It’s a platform that allows you to buy gift card or video game license with crypto. 0% fee, FDR as main currency. A quick exchange will allow Cloak, SmartCash, Loki, Fantom and Dextro to swap in FDR.

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— You can use your rewards to get VPS on Dextro (1,20$): — If you are a project leader, get 50% discount on the listing fee at
— Use your FDR rewards on the upcoming MN Hosting platform from DeLion Project
— You need Shared Masternodes Services? Pay fees with FDR at “Masternode Stake France (MNSF)”
Discord list:
Masternode Stake France

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