Digital Update #2: Fixes and Development

Welcome to the second Digital Update. In this article, I intend to update you on the latest developments regarding French Digital Reserve (FDR) in the last 30 days. What has been done? It was a lot, so get ready for a mega update. I hope you enjoy the read!

What’s FDR?

In today’s globalized world, we have a major financial monopoly centered on banking institutions. The high cost of financial transactions, banking infrastructure, and the high inflation of certain currencies show several problems in the world of economics.

French Digital Reserve (FDR) emerges as a real solution to this situation. A non-government currency not instituted by a central bank will preserve assets in the event of economic crises.

FDR is a decentralized cryptocurrency designed to offer multiple financial services such as cash transfers, payments, savings, project audits and review as well as community votes.

Coin Specifications

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The FDR project is 100% open source, with PoS (Proof of Stake) mining, based on the PIVX (PIVX fork) with a maximum supply of about 24 million. Structured in a robust network with masternodes.

New Member in the Core Team: QUETIO

Graduated from the University of Poitiers in 2011. Former engineer at the technical and R&D pole of a French startup of manufacturer and distributor of solar systems and monitoring solutions. Passionate about Blockchain technologies since 2017, driven by the desire to help the maturity of the Blockchain and its potential as an economic and social revolt.

Golden Roads Capital

In April, we had some great news. Partnering with Golden Roads Capital. But, what is Golden Roads Capital? Golden Roads is a team of experienced traders who have been able to produce viable returns over years of practice.

Withdrawal as well as investment can be done almost instaneously, and information requests are responded to promptly. Investors can expect annual reports as well as quarterly updates.

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The staking wallet fix

We had a little update on the Staking Web Wallet.

The web wallet, being based on the pc wallet, imports in its code the problem of the “TRANSACTION TOO LARGE”.

— The number of transactions has increased sharply, some members with large amounts have made transfers, which has caused about ten conflicts.

What was the damage to users?

None, on the contrary, research has shown that “51,707 FDRs” have been staked (accidentally due to the number of blocked TXs) and distributed among Swallet users. Rather than looking for who was the beneficiary of these FDRs, we decided to pay with our assets to fill the gap. For you, nothing changes, your FDR amount remains the same, the problems have been fixed, you will notice you will receive a little less rewards, (logical) because you will no longer have the false stakes from blocked TX.

What have we done to fix his incidents.

Given the number of TX generated by the stake pool, we have limited the transfers to 10000 FDR per TX (note that in use it is necessary to send 9999 FDR/TX) in order to limit “bytes” per transfer. Moreover, staking is back in operation but be aware that today, a masternode becomes more profitable than the stake. We are sorry for the inconvenience but consider that you had an Airdrop of 51,707 FDR as a beta tester of our Swallet

The situation about the development of POSLV2 and Block To Gift

What is the status of the development of POS LIST V2?

This is a complete overhaul of what the previous owner of the site had proposed, this time you will have access to a complete statistics site, with the multiple deals made upstream with our partners, we will offer project leaders listing packs with discount which will allow new projects to be on a maximum of platforms at lower costs. The more relevant our listing is, the more valuable our listing will become, which will be a good thing for our investors.

What about Block To Gift?

The platform is almost ready, another week of development and we can move on to the product sheets. There have been some changes during the coding, FDR will be the main currency, other crypto currencies will be activated over time through Coinpayments. However, once the platform is 100% complete, we will have one last point to settle.

The creation of the company FDR PROJECT

The creation of the company FDR PROJECT (located in France) which will be the entity behind all future services. We thank the early investors and the community present since the beginning, for not having abandoned the ship when we were sailing in troubled waters, it will soon be time to reap the rewards.

Official Links

🌐 Website:
🖥️ Github:



✈️ Telegram

👾 Discord:


Crex24 [FDR/BTC]
Altmarkets [FDR/BTC]
Aiodex [FDR/BTC]
Aiodex [FDR/GEEK]

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