by Frank Proctor and Jason Li

We run Muse, an indie publisher based in Hong Kong that specializes in cultural nonfiction and translated literature. As a small international publisher, we have reaped big benefits from the disruption of traditional publishing. Originally rooted in print, we have now been publishing ebooks for four years – not long enough to be an expert by any means, but long enough to understand that digital media and the internet will play the central role in the way stories are told, and the way writers and readers interact.

Being on the front lines as a…

a short story by Dorothy Tse

Corridor, 13th Floor

“The shoes at home have all burst into flower,” said A.

As A was speaking, a ray of sunshine slanted in through the corridor window, falling between him and K. K saw dust motes drift over A’s face, making him look exhausted. The sunbeam finally landed on a shoe rack under the number plate of Apt. 2. The stems of insanely colored sunflowers entwined wearily together and the shoe openings vomited floral foam that spread in clumps all over the floor.

Five minutes before, A had phoned the management office, and…

Frank Proctor

Publisher of Muse. In search of the future of media, publishing, and Hong Kong, not necessarily in that order

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