MOERDON MDPBCI-25 PowerBank 6000mah Dual USB Output Portable Battery Charger, India (Red)

Power banks are one of those advanced gadgets that one needs to carry around because of the high dependency that a lot of us have on our smartphones. Hence, to meet all your daily charging needs, this Moerdon Dual USB output charging Power Bank 6000mAh is one of those premium gadget that can be used to charge your phones as well as other electronic devices any time. As this superb power bank has not one, but two output ports to conveniently charge two devices at a time, providing high power of 2.1Amp. With very beautiful, attractive and glamorous looking red-black combination shell case that is much glossy, we bet you’ll have eyes turned over you when using this Power Bank. The make of this lovely battery charger is very compact and favourable that allows it to carry it anywhere you want. The power bank comes with 4-LED lights indicator to let you know the level of power drawn and time to recharge with LED flashlight for low light conditions. It also comes with the feature to protect your phone or other gadgets from over charging-discharging risks.