Machine learning models trained on data from blockchain-based marketplaces have the potential to create the world’s most powerful artificial intelligences. They combine two potent primitives: private machine learning, which allows for training to be done on sensitive private data without revealing it, and blockchain-based incentives, which allow these systems to…

This post describes why blockchain governance design is one of the most important problems out there, its critical components, current approaches, potential future approaches, and concludes with suggestions for the community.

Why Blockchain Governance Matters

As with organisms, the most successful blockchains will be those that can best adapt to their environments. Assuming these…

Decentralized exchange is early today but feels like it will be essential in a few years.

First, the difference between a decentralized exchange and a decentralized exchange protocol:

EtherDelta, an early decentralized exchange

A decentralized exchange has some combination of decentralized properties. At the moment this most likely means some mix of 1) on-blockchain trade…

Blockchains are digital organisms. As organisms evolve through changes in their DNA, blockchain protocols evolve through changes in their code. And like biological organisms, the most adaptive blockchains will be the ones that survive and thrive.

So what makes for a strong evolutionary process in a blockchain? Forking is an…

I’ll be stepping back from my day to day responsibilities at Coinbase at the end of January. I’ll continue to be involved with the company as a board member. I plan to take my first real time off in 7 years and then start tinkering again.

This experience has been…

Fred Ehrsam

@Paradigm. Previously co-founder @Coinbase, trader @GoldmanSachs, computer science @DukeU.

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