Upside Down or Downside Up ??

Just let me say that after 45 years of working mostly in multinationals dedicated to fast turning consumer products, focussed on customers needs, developing company image, motivating working teams and very close to the market and it´s changes in trends and habits, I now find myself wondering if everything we worked for and dedicated our lives to, is Upside Down or Downside Up !!??.

We are at risk of losing basic concepts such as: Customer focused, Sense of belonging, winning spirit, worthy of trust, competitive edge, recognition, motivation, development and growth.

We find ourselves in a world where the priority seems to no longer be: treating the personnel so as to feel part of the company, having clear job descriptions, training programs to develop abilities and grow within, focused on giving their best towards quality customer service, maintaining and further developing the company Image and perception of quality and service and strengthening the sense of belonging.

If we are just “profit” driven and ignore the key issues mentioned above which are critical for on going success, then I am not surprised that things are looking, as mentioned above: Upside Down or Downside Up…..

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