[China Trends] The big wedding

[China Trends] The big wedding

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AH. A as Angelababy, model and actress, and H as Huang Xiaoming, an actor too. Their common points: they are beautiful, are among the 10 most famous Chinese celebrities, and just got married with great fanfare, making their initials AH a logo. We can say this is a logo because the happy event took a huge marketing magnitude.

The marriage took place at the Shanghai Exhibition Center, a magnificent building, where were invited 200 Chinese celebrities, each one having million of followers. And everything was prepared, orchestrated as a national event with a teaser, etc. Constantly trying to outdo themselves. Celebrities weddings in China can be compared to main rugby or football competitions for sports brands, except that only luxury brands are concerned: Dior couture dress for the bride’s dress, the French brand Chaumet, which designed the crown and the alliance of Angelababy. And Jimmy Choo for the shoes, or the perfumer Jo Malone whose bottles were put into the guests bags.

These events are really important for these brands, because all the details are then reviewed. Especially via influencers screenshots. Widely shared on all social networks, they generated thousands of comments; and give the event an influence equal to a national communication campaign. Therefore it’s easy to imagine the importance that such a marriage is for brands getting into partnership with.

This has not avoid Taobao (the major e-commerce website in China) to make fun of the event. Indeed they collected all the official photos of the wedding with intent to offer the Chinese, five days later, the opportunity to buy everything they saw in this marriage 5 times cheaper. Even if the quality isn’t the same, the initiative, as funny as irreverent, wasn’t unnoticed.

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