5 tips to get the most from Email Hunter

We have built Email Hunter to be as simple as possible. But if you think you are missing something, here are a few simple tips to become an expert in finding email addresses!

1. Find the email pattern without having to guess it

Even if you don’t find your target’s email address directly with the domain search, a good way to proceed is to guess the email pattern (for example {first}.{last}@company.com). Good news: Email Hunter can find it for you.

If there are enough email addresses using the same pattern on a domain name, we automatically deduce and show it.

2. Get email addresses from a list of websites

Did you know you could make Email Hunter’s searches in bulk?

Just click on “Bulk” in your dashboard and choose Bulk searches.

You can paste a list of domain names or upload a CSV file. Options let you limit the number of results per domain and filter by type (generic or personal email addresses). Then your list appears in your download page.

When it’s complete, hit the download button to get the list of email addresses corresponding to your list of websites!

3. Dramatically reduce bounce rates for a list of email addresses

You will have far better results if you carefully qualifies your list of email addresses. Once you have carefully selected your list of companies, you can improve deliverability by filtering Email Hunter’s results.

The quick way is to filter the best email addresses in your export, for example only email addresses with at least 5 sources. The number of sources is a good indicator of the reliability of an email address.

But the ultimate way to guarantee deliverability, is to verify the email addresses. You can do it on Email Hunter using our Email Verification service. Just go to the bulk verification, upload you list, wait a few minutes and you’re done!

4. Get email addresses from a list of first names, last names and companies

Uploading a file with names and companies to get personal email addresses isn’t available on Email Hunter yet. But this is already possible using the API.

Don’t worry, you don’t actually have to be a developer. You just need to know how to use Google Sheets. We have created an official Add-on for Google Sheets.

After entering your secret API key, the Add-on let you enrich your data with email addresses. Tadam!

Please note that the add-on is not relevant for big export (more than a few thousands lines) as Google limits the time of execution of script.

5. Use Email Hunter from anywhere

Are you using Chrome?

If yes, using Email Hunter for Chrome will definitely save you even more time. Instead of filling the domain name to search email addresses, just press Email Hunter’s button in Chrome to get email addresses corresponding to the website you’re visiting.

To get all our other features, click “Complete search page” to have the results in your dashboard.

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