Preparations for my data collection

How do students perceive virtual reality as a scaffolding artefact for education?

VR-glasses for the students

It has been almost one and a half year since I started my research studies. It has been interesting time diving deeper into concepts as immersion and presence (used to define the quality/effect of a VR-system) and also trying out different devices and their strength and weaknesses. The Google Cardboard is far from a high-tech VR-system but on the other hand, it is accessible and cheap and there is a wide range of content created for the system which is possible to use in a primary school context.

Next week is going to be my first real data collection. Today I’ve bought 23 Google Cardboards and next week I am going meet up with the students and they are going to watch two movies revolving the topic migration.

To be continued…

I would like to come in contact with more teachers using the cardboard in educational settings so write me a line if you have a creative way to use the Google Cardboard as a scaffolding tool!