Final Fantasy XIV Guide: A Detailed Introduction To The Various Skills Of Arcanist

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Jan 13 · 3 min read

When Arcanist is at level 30, he can transfer to Summoner after reaching level 15 through Thaumaturge, a second occupation. Therefore, this article is an introduction to Arcanist skills. If there is anything wrong, please point out. At the same time, we will provide a purchase link for Final Fantasy XIV Gil.

Arcanist career introduction:


Arcanist is the most powerful single-person profession in FF14. It comes with a summoning beast that can fight, plus a fighting strider, forming a profession that leads two pets to fight at the same time. The existence of the illusion skills and medical skills has become a mixed occupation that can DPS, fight against monsters, and add blood. In the wild [Emergencies] killing time limit BOSS is one of the few people who can kill alone.


Arcanist is a profession that relies on DOT to summon beast damage. When faced with the need to quickly kill a specific target, it can’t instantly play high-explosive damage like other professions, but it can still be compensated by the connection between skills. The ability to rely on specific skills is high, the ability to quickly clear group monsters and other DPS occupations are weak.

Introduction to Arcanist skills:

DOT Damage skills:

Bio: Deals non-attribute DOT damage to the target, power 40, lasts 18 seconds, level 2 learning, the first DOT damage skill is also a DOT damage skill and is used frequently.

Miasma: It directly deals with damage power of 20, with DOT damage power of 35, and the target’s healing effect is reduced by 20%, plus 40% aggravation, the effect lasts for 24 seconds. The initial cast time is 2.50 seconds, level 10 learning.

The second DOT damage skill, although it has a cast time, is still our main output skill and is used very frequently.

Bio II: Deals no-attribute DOT damage to the target with a power of 35. The initial cast time is 2.50 seconds for 30 seconds. Level 26 learning. The third DOT damage skill, an enhanced version of Bio, one of the core DOT damage skills, lasts for 30 seconds. Used very frequently.

Direct damage skills:

Ruin: Causes no attribute damage to the target, power 80, the initial cast time is 2.50 seconds, level 1 initial skill, the ordinary skill used to fill after DOT cast, the frequency of use is extremely high.

Ruin II: Will cause damage to the target-no attribute damage, additional effect “blindness” power 80. You can learn this skill at level 38. It is a high-level damage skill. It is mainly used for a target that needs to quickly set fire. The frequency of use is high.

Shadow Nuclear Explosion:All targets in the specified area that generate a shadow barrier will cause damage. The additional effect is: all targets in the range will have a 5% slowdown, 25 power, the initial cast time is 2.50 seconds, and learning at level 50. One of the ultimate skills of level 50, throw directly at the monster’s feet in the opening and then start other output loops. The frequency of use is relatively high.

Special skills:

Energy Drain: Launch a non-attribute attack on the target with a power of 150 and an additional 50% of physical and magical damage. Use the public CD for 3 seconds for Level 2 learning. One of Arcanist’s advanced skills, which causes instant burst damage to the target and adds its own healing effect. It is mainly used to quickly kill a target.

infection: DOT damage from the current target is spread to 3 targets around the target. Level 35 is obtained through the professional trainer task. One of Summoner’s advanced skills, core AOE skills. When AOE is needed, after the single target is filled with 3 DOTs, click on the infection to pass it to nearby targets. The duration of the DOT is to maintain the current time of casting the infection.

The above is a guide to Detailed description of Arcanist’s various skills, I hope it can help you. In addition, we will provide other guide:

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