We’re on a mission to improve the lives of international students.

Living and studying in a foreign country can be difficult, especially when you have to speak a different language and stay 6,000 miles away from your home. We saw international students struggle with this dynamic, and we wanted to be the ones to help them overcome their challenges. International students have been left as fish out of water for too long.

It’s time to Further International Student Help — or FISH for short. We’re on a mission to improve the lives of international students by guiding, connecting, and inspiring them everyday.

We’ve spent the last two years doing working alongside international students to discover their every need. Every challenge that arose, we were there to help them navigate through. Now, it’s time to scale that support we offered to a small group of students in New Jersey to a massive group of students throughout the United States.

Today, our website is going live. The website features support for international students regardless of where they are living, and targets the areas of assistance that our primary and secondary research uncovered. Our website provides value on a daily basis, not just for random checkpoints. We are creating the first ever large-scale community and resource portal for international students in the United States. Think of it as a curated curriculum centered on a supportive community.

Let’s take a deeper dive into the website to learn more about the long-term, all-encompassing support we offer. Here are some ways we impact every aspect of the study abroad journey:

  • Written Guides: If students learn best through written words, we have tips and sample templates. Read sample resumes, cover letters, research papers, and powerpoint presentations. Learn more through written tips about U.S. social norms, dining etiquette, or grammar.
  • Video Courses: Students who learn best with spoken words or visuals can watch exclusive recorded video classes with experts and leaders, addressing the key aspects of being an international student. Hear from professors, American students, international students, and business professionals. The video courses will touch on all aspects of the social, cultural, academic, and professional journey.
  • Online Skill Builders: Each video course and written guide is accompanied by a quiz to reinforce learning. These skill builders allow students to master their skills and reinforce their understanding of the materials they learn.
  • American Adviser: Students are given special access to their own American assistant, who they can message via phone or computer, in real-time, to address challenges or questions from the American perspective. Such as, walking through the process of buying a car or registering for class.
  • Virtual Writing Center & Career Center: Students can submit papers, presentations, resumes, cover letters, emails and more to receive valuable feedback from American academics and professionals.
  • Advice from Experts (Career Coaches, Academic Tutors, Cultural Guides, Language Buddies): Designed for students who learn best through personalized one-on-one interactions with American experts. Coaches will help students develop their personal introductions, understand the American workplace, apply for internships, and practice job interviews. Tutors can help students with papers and presentations. Guides can help students understand the process of buying a car, going to court, or renting an apartment. Buddies can help students better develop their spoken English.
  • Gamification: Learning should be fun and interactive. Every time students engage with the platform, they receive rewards. Badges, leaderboard points, skill builders points, and referral prizes provide students with opportunities earn recognition for personal advancement, compete against peers, test knowledge, and win exclusive experiences and merchandise

Want to learn more about our offering? Check out our Slideshare.

Our service is dedicated to serving international students, but our mission goes beyond that. We give parents of international students peace of mind that their child has a support system while studying abroad and will maximize the social, cultural, academic, and professional experience. We help universities attract and retain international students by providing them with the end-to-end support they deserve. Agents who help students get to the United States can have the confidence that those students will be helped throughout their entire stay in the United States.

Let’s improve the lives of international students. Please comment below or visit our website to learn how we can improve the international student experience.

Here’s to the journey,

Bradley & Jeff

Co-Founders of FISH Institute

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